The research philosophy of the Center for Laser-Aided Intelligent Manufacturing (CLAIM) is to deploy atomistic-level scientific understanding into industrial applications. Thus the paradigm of this research is “Atom to Application”. This is critical for lead-time reduction for concept to product. CLAIM and the University of Michigan houses the necessary tools and expertise for this approach, starting from High Power Laser processing system to precision Laser Spectroscopy.


The high-tech, one-of-a-kind facilities at U-M provide a unique combination of capabilities for process development, on-line diagnostics, mathematical modeling, and model validation. For processing, the following lasers are already installed:

  • High peak power (1012 W/cm2) diode pumped SLAB Nd: YAG laser
  • High average power diode pumped SLAB ND: YAG laser
  • 6k W Rf Excited CO2 laser
  • 8k W peak power, 400W average power Nd: YAG laser
  • 150 W Excimer laser
  • 6k W CO2 laser can be switched between a 5-axis CNC and a 7-axis GMF robot for online diagnostics

For online diagnostics, the following equipment is installed:

  • Ring-dye laser with capability to deliver via single mode fiber
  • 25 W Argon ion laser
  • 10 W Argon ion laser
  • Detectors for absorption, fluorescence and emission spectroscopy are available.
  • High Speed (40,000 frames/sec) digital camera

In addition to equipment at the University site, CLAIM has access to the following machines through start-up companies launched from CLAIM research.

  • 4KW Laserline fiber delivered diode laser integrated to ABB44R robot
  • 4KW Nuvonyx fiber delivered diode laser integrated with POM synergy and system for metal deposition and dry EDM hybrid
  • DMD 505 system with 5KW CO2 laser
  • 3 DMD 5000 system with 5KW COlaser
  • 4 OKK high-speed machining system
  • 2 Mitsubishi EDM die sinking system
  • 1 Mitsubishi EDM wire cutting system
  • 1 EDM drilling system
  • Various other CNC lathe conventional machine shops

Industrial Interaction

Interaction with and technology transfer to industrial firms is the cornerstone of the CLAIM concept. We expect that all problems to be solved with laser-aided intelligent manufacturing techniques will arise from the needs of industrial collaborators.

Collaboration with industries that are potential users of laser technology are being vigorously pursued. Several modes of interaction are envisioned between the Center and industry partners, including adjunct professorial appointments, research exchange programs, establishment of an industrial advisory board, biannual workshops to review research results, and summer job placements for graduate and undergraduate students.

FULL MEMBER: Member of the Advisory Committee with full voting power. (Advisory Committee will decide on membership fund allocation for research and send up to ten members free of charge to annual short courses).  Reduced user fees for laser use in CLAIM.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Member of the Advisory Committee without voting power. Send up to five members free of charge to annual short courses. Reduced user fees for laser use in CLAIM.

OBSERVER: Information only with a window on the latest laser technology and interaction with other members during the annual meeting.