We’ve provided a partial list of publications produced at CLAIM. Contact us if you require a copy of a particular article.

  • Douglass, D.M. and Mazumder, J., “Mechanical Properties of Laser Welded Aluminum Alloys,” Proceedings of ICALEO 1996, Automotive Manufacturing, Vol. 82, pp. 31-38, 1996.
  • Liu, Y., Mazumder, J., Robertson, B.W., and Tewari, S and Dislocations in Laser Clad NbAl13 on Nb,? Philosophy Magazine A, Vol. 73, 557-566, 1996.
  • Mazumder, J., Nagarathnam, K., Kelly, J., Douglass, D.M., Mohanty, P., and Cusano, C., “Laser Processing of Light Metals for Automobile Applications,” Proceedings of the 4th Annual Automotive Laser Applications Workshop, Novi, Michigan, March 5-6, 1996.