Past and Present Projects

  • Cyber Enabled Integrated Digital Manufacturing (Ce-iDigiMan) System with Continuous Inspection and Closed Loop Control, ONR, 2014
  •  Collaborative Research Training Programs on Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bangalore, India, 2012
  • High Speed Laser Cutting of Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries, Collaborative Sponsorship by Fraunhofer Institute Chemical Technology and Office of the VP for Research, U-M, 2011
  • Process Development and Metallurgical Characterization for Repair, Restoration, Reconfiguration, Reconstruction of Navy Components by Direct Metal Deposition Laser Micromachining and Friction Stir Processing, Focus Hope and Dept. of the Navy, 2011
  • Composition analysis in DMD process, IUCRC, 2005-2010
  • Laser drilling of aerospace material, IUCRC, 2005-2010
  • Laser Micromachining of micro-fluidic structures, IUCRC, 2005-2010
  • Design and Realization of Integrated Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Cell (IDIMC) for Customized Complex Miniature Component, Dept. of the Navy, 2010
  • Metallurgical Characterization for Repair, Restoration, Reconfiguration and Reconstruction of Army Components by Direct Metal Deposition, Focus Hope and Dept. of the Army, 2010
  • Feasibility Study for Non-crystalline Surfaces for Efficient Combustion:  Laser Fabricated Nanocrystalline Catalytic Surfaces for Pollutant-Free and Energy-Efficient Applications, Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing, 2010
  • Plasma diagnostics in laser drilling process, GE-IUCRC, 2009
  • Plasma diagnostics in DMD process, GE-IUCRC, ONR, Focus Hope-IUCRC, 2009
  • Plasma diagnostics for welding process, Toyota-IUCRC, Alphasense, 2009
  • Compact Low Cost Process Welding Defect Detection System Based Plasma Emission, Alphasense, Dept. of the Navy, 2009
  • Numerical simulation of pulsed Laser Drilling and Micromachining, GE-IUCRC, IMRA-IUCRC
  • Numerical simulation of Laser Welding, Toyota-IUCRC, 2009
  • Numerical simulation of Direct Metal Deposition, Focus Hope-Navy, GE-IUCRC, 2009
  • Novel Materials processing with femtosecond and nano-second lasers, Focus Hope-Navy, Focus Hope-Army, Toyota, IMRA-IUCRC, 2009
  • Characterization of Laser processed materials, ONR, Focus Hope-Navy, Focus Hope-Army, NSF-IUCRC
  • SenSigma Project (Sensor Commercialization with State and Univ funding)